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Say NO to Smoke and Toxin !
Made from Natural Soy Wax , Beeswax and natural pure essential oil !
Enhances the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field surrounds us !
Brings abundance of wealth and health !http://localhost/natural/administrator/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=26
Improves feng shui!
Good for air purification , refreshing and eliminating odours !

This product is made from all natural ingredients . It consists of natural soy wax, beeswax and pure essential oil. Its all natural refreshing scent helps on mental uplifting and stress-release .
We promise : -
  • We use only natural soy wax made from high quality soy beans
  • Natural fragrance from Pure essential oils
  • Cotton or Paper wick-cores (Free from lead )
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Environmental-friendly

Main ingredients :

Pure Natural Soy Wax
We select the highest quality American soy beans to produce the soy wax . Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans through hydrogenation process and it is all natural. Besides, it is non toxin ,renewable and recyclable. Soy candle will also burn cleanly and slowly without emitting black smoke and hence you do not worry about houses getting polluted . Soy candle is releasing milky scent which is so chilling . Use soy candles with no worries because they are harmless !

Pure Natural Beeswax
Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees of genus Apis.
The wax is formed into "scales" by eight wax-producing glands in the abdominal segments of worker bees,who discard it in or at the hive . The hive workers collect and use it to form cells for honey-storage and larval and pupal protection within the beehive . Beeswax , is also used in traditional Medication . Its lightly sweet taste , neutral properties , is good for digestive system, lung system and to prevent diarrhoea . Its healing properties makes it a good ingredient to produce candles.

Eco-friendly candle wick-core
We use natural cotton as the wick of our soy candle which is environmental-friendly and promotes clean burning . Definitely NO zinc or lead is used in the making of our soy candle! Besides, no dirty black smoke will be released during the burning and thus make it the best Eco candle wick.

Natural essential oil
We use only pure essential oil extracted from plants and hence contains no synthetic fragrance,and can help on stimulating one's brain and mental-uplifting .

A pure aromatherapy candle consists only 100% pure natural essential oil and so the cost is relatively high . Therefore , even labelled Pure aromatherapy candles selling in market nowadays have high percentage of actually consisting harmful chemical substances and dyes . It might thus create and release harmful substances after the process of heating .

The safety issues of aromatherapy candles- It has been scientifically proven that pure aromatherapy candles are safe to be used and will not cause any bad issues to human and environment , instead , it is beneficial.
The manufacturer and the production of the aromatherapy candles are the main keys in deciding which brand of aromatherapy candles we should go for. A reputable manufacturer will select only pure essential oil to be used in producing the aromatherapy candles but not the synthetic fragrance, and will make sure the quality of the aromatherapy candles they produce to be sold to the consumers . The safety is always their main concern during the whole production.

The risk of candle wick-cores
To prolong the burning duration of the candle, the manufacturer tends to add in paper and metal, and hence it may produce "coal" which gives off gases such as sulfur dioxide , nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide at which when these atoms penetrate into human's lung system , it will worsen the breathing problem or cause suffocation for those who are allergic to the chemicals .

Candle light
The light of candle is actually good for spiritual and mental uplifting .
"Spiritual candlelight therapy" has been practised in Western Countries for quite a sometime , and several successful cases are recorded.
In the past , it was believed that "Fire" is the God's treasure .
The myth of human creation by The Greek Goddess (Prometheus) is an instance.
It was said that Prometheus stole fire from the gods to protect the otherwise helpless humans during his creation of human ,but was punished for his betrayal.
Therefore, when we're using candlelight , we are actually practising the historical ritual whereby "Fire" is being used. "Fire" is considered the most fundamental of all elements and it gave rise to the other elements . "Fire" is desire, it is dynamic , passionate , bold, enthusiastic ,active , hopeful and it is the life principle ! "Fire" inspires soul and bring eternal light to it.
The healing scent and the flame's soft illumination helps reducing stress and increases self-awareness. It also brings tranquil to our daily lives.
With the strength and the power of  "Fire" , many people who have lost their aims and hopes in life , regain their confidence and discover the bright part of life on the other side of sorrows .

The difference among  Soy Candle , Beeswax Candle and Paraffin Candle
Soy Candle Beeswax Candle Paraffin Candle
Natural-based Natural-based Mineral-based
Environmental friendly ,non toxin Environmental friendly ,non toxin Releasing toxic chemical substances
Longer burning duration Longer burning duration Shorter burning duration
Made from renewable sources Made from renewable sources Made from non-renewable petroleum
Non-carcinogenic Non-carcinogenic Contains carcinogen
Improves the quality of air at residence Improves the quality of air at residence Causing smoky and toxic environment
Wax stains can be cleaned off easily Wax stains can be cleaned off easily Wax stains can hardly be removed

Difference between Pure Essential Oil extracted from Plant and Synthetic Fragrance
Pure Essential Oil Synthetic Fragrance
Extracted from plants Made from chemical substances
Improves  quality of sleep, Enhances emotional outlook and to provide support and help balance emotions Solely for aroma. Bad for skin
High volatility ConsistsFixatives and alcohol to enhance the scent
Does not contain any manmade fragrance Contains bad manmade fragrance
Does not contain coloring agent Contains coloring agent
100% natural Contains preservatives
Environmental-friendly and non-toxic Contains harmful chemical ingredients

Descriptions, Manufacturer’s use and safety instructions :
  • This packaging contains one aromatherapy candles (nett weight around 88g)
  • Our candles are made from soy wax , beeswax, and  pure essential oil , the temperature of the candle flame is not overheated and it has longer burning duration. It can be fully burned-to-melt and it releases pungent  aroma for emotional well-being and to overcome anxiety .  
  • Our aromatherapy candles can burn up to 18-22 hours .
  • Using only Eco-friendly cotton wick core ( it is suggested that 5-6mm of the cotton wick core is trimmed each time before burning to avoid black smoke)
  • Do not use  in enclosed rooms or space , avoid storing the candle in draught area ,keep the candles away from inflammable materials, keep candles out of the reach of children and pets
  • Do not blow out the candle when you want to extinguish the burning flame. Always use a candle snuffer to put out the fire . (By blowing the candle out, sometimes it will reignite with a black sooty smoke that is very bad for the lungs and also the original scent of the candle will be affected)

  • 无烟无毒
  • 采用天然大豆蜡,
  • 蜂蜡和天然植物精油
  • 赐予正能量磁场
  • 有助改善宅运,改善風水
  • 净化空气,保持清新,
  • 化解味煞

- 來自纯大豆的高品质大豆蜡
- 天然香精,纯植物精油
- 无铅棉芯或纸芯
- 无毒
- 持久耐用
- 环保

纯天然美国大豆蜡(Soy Wax)



ECO 烛芯
采用天然棉线构成的ECO烛芯, 清洁燃烧, 不含有害物质,包括:铅和锌。燃烧时并不会产生黑烟,是环保的烛芯。

大豆蜡烛 天然蜜蜡烛 石蜡
天然物质 天然物质 矿物
环保无毒 环保无毒 释放的有毒化学物质
燃烧时间长 燃烧时间长 燃烧时间快
可再生的资源 可再生的资源 取自不可再生的石油
不会致癌物质 不会致癌物质 含致癌物质
使得您的家里有更好的整体空气质量 使得您的家里有更好的整体空气质量 产生烟雾
清洁性,容易清洗 清洁性,容易清洗 难清洗

植物精油 香精
从植物中提炼出来 化学产品调制而成
有助催眠,安神,提神, 平静烦躁心情还有很多作用 只有香味,会损害皮肤
挥发性很强,一旦接触空气就会很快挥发 固定剂与酒精的液体,用来让物体拥有人的气味
无香精 含香精
不含化学色素 含化学色素
天然物质 含防腐剂
环保无毒 含有不良有害化学

  • 本产品内含有一个香芬蜡烛,每個蜡烛净含量約有88公克。
  • 本产品是由大豆蜡,蜜蜡及高纯度精油所制成,点燃时温度不会偏高,且长时间点燃,可以完全将其溶解,充满疗愈 芬芳的香味,抚平情绪与心灵的舒适感。
  • 每个香芬蜡烛约可燃燒18到22小時。
  • 天然的ECO棉芯,建议每次点燃时将纯棉蜡芯修剪至5mm-6mm,才不会因为过长而冒黑烟。
  • 切忌勿在密闭式空间使用,避免放在风口处,远离窗帘等易燃物,以及勿让儿童与宠物接触。
  • 灭蜡时,请不要用口吹,建议用盖子盖起来熄灭,以免会有一阵烤焦的气味,影响原有的香味。