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Welcome to Natural Eco Solution Sdn Bhd
At Natural Eco Solution, we aim to provide every client with the highest quality Natural hand crafted product, we produce natural scented candle with pure essential oils added and DIY kaffir shower gel to our customers love in natural ways of livings

Why Natural Eco Soy Candles?

Natural & Non-Toxic
Soy candles are natural and non-toxic since they’re made from vegetable oil (soybeans), have a lower melting point (so the wax itself doesn’t get as hot), produce negligible amounts of soot, and release no known carcinogens into the air. Compared to paraffin candles, soy wax candles are much healthier for humans, pets, and the environment. Plus, they clean up easier (just use soap and water) when the wax is spilled.
Clean & Even Burning
Soy candles burn cleaner & 50% longer than regular paraffin candles do. Therefore, even though soy wax candles are sometimes more expensive than paraffin wax candles to buy, they are still more cost-effective in the long run. For comparison’s sake, soy candles generally cost less than beeswax candles (another natural wax alternative to paraffin). Furthermore, soy candles burn evenly, leaving almost no excess wax on the sides of the jar.
Pleasant & Stronger Scent
The scent from soy candles is much stronger and more pleasant than the scent from paraffin wax candles. Because of the lower melting point of soy wax, there is a larger amount of the liquid wax pool around the candle wick itself. It is from this liquid wax pool and the wick itself that the essential oils evaporate into the atmosphere.

Natural Hand Crafted Soy Candles & DIY Products

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